CEELM Services

1. Marketing/Submissions Consultancy:

CEE Legal Matters is known for its command of and facility with legal English, its skillful writing, and its intimate familiarity with CEE legal markets. Put those strengths to work for you by engaging us to assist with the preparation, review, and polishing of your marketing materials and submissions to ranking services. From websites to spreadsheets, brochures to press releases, letting CEE Legal Matters help you is the best way of ensuring that your message is conveyed effectively, efficiently, and professionally

2. Client Satisfaction Surveys and Reports:

It can be difficult to gauge client satisfaction or evaluate your reputation in the market. Allow the professionals at CEE Legal Matters to take the uncertainty out of the process by retaining us to conduct efficient, thorough, and reliable market research on your behalf. With our knowledge of the industry and thousands of in-house contacts, there’s nobody better equipped to reach out to your clients to obtain critical feedback, nor to survey a market to learn about your firm's perceived strengths and weaknesses across Central and Eastern Europe.

3. Client Development Round Tables:

Nobody has more senior in-house contacts in Central and Eastern Europe than CEE Legal Matters. Bring a number of General Counsel from any industry you wish to your office for a CEE Legal Matters-organized and -coordinated Round Table conversation with one of your Partners serving as host and moderator, all for eventual publication in the CEE Legal Matters magazine. It’s an excellent way to position yourself as an expert in the industry to participants and readers of the CEE Legal Matters magazine while simultaneously reaping the benefits of an exclusive Business Development opportunity.

4. Partner-Client Interviews:

You select the General Counsel you want to speak with, and we’ll bring that person to your office for a one-on-one interview to be published in the CEE Legal Matters magazine. This is another way of demonstrating your expertise in a given field to potential clients across the region while giving you face time alone in a room with a potential high-profile client.

5. Special Reports/Market Intelligence:

Need to know about salaries or fees in your legal market? Need to know what your competitors are doing, or how? Retain CEE Legal Matters to apply its market knowledge, contacts, and sophisticated data-gathering and -analysis skills on your behalf. We’re experts at getting the information you need, quickly.

6. Language Review & Editing:

Nobody writes better than CEE Legal Matters. Allow our team of specialists to review and polish your work product to ensure that your target audience understands exactly what you mean to say, without distractions, misunderstandings, language bloopers, or unintended ambiguity. Our confidentially is guaranteed.

7. Unique Services:

If you require any other kind of language, data, or client-management assistance, we may be able to help. Contact us to explore the possibilities.

If you are interested in learning more about either of the above, please contact us using this simple form.

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