Know Your Rights - In Interviews

Know your rights In an Interview

The headline attracts your interest, doesn’t it? Many executives, and partners in law firms too, are accustomed to directing their subordinates, instruct reporters to send them a draft of their articles before publication. Most reporters will reject that request and additionally will get the impression that the partner treated them like an employee requiring approval.

Know How To Communicate

How many friendships ended as a result of poor communication skills?  How many times have you heard about married couples breaking up after 10 years because they can’t communicate (despite the fact that there are just two of them)?

The pyramid of public awareness

Yes, they started again. The legal offering of some of the well-known Big Four consulting firms is the highest visible sign that this branch is changing. Lawyering – although you probably don`t like to hear that – will be a business service. And after discussing what objectives you want to accomplish and the funds you need, you will pretty soon get to the “how to make a difference” on the market. Then it`s time to discuss strategy and tactics, and that`s all marketing and communications.

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