Wardynski & Partners Brings Civil Rights Case to Supreme Court

Wardynski & Partners Brings Civil Rights Case to Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Poland has accepted for a hearing the cassation appeal in a civil rights case handled pro bono by lawyers at Wardynski & Partners.

In the case, Shaminder Puri, a member of the Sikh religion, claimed that being ordered to remove his turban during a 2010 airport inspection in Poland was degrading and a violation of his civil rights. According to Wardynski & Partners, "Puri does not oppose security controls as such, but alleges that removal of the turban is unnecessary for the inspection." His claims have been rejected by courts twice, but his lawyers filed a cassation appeal with the Supreme Court of Poland, stressing the role of the civil courts in reviewing the proportionality of measures taken against individuals by the state authorities.

The case is being handled pro bono by Zuzanna Rudzi?ska-Bluszcz and Janusz Tomczak from the firm’s Dispute Resolution & Arbitration Practice. 


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Last modified onWednesday, 06 January 2016 17:47
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