Hot Practice: An Interview with Ildiko Komor Hennel of Komor Hennel Attorneys

Hot Practice: An Interview with Ildiko Komor Hennel of Komor Hennel Attorneys

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Over the past few months, the intellectual property specialists at Komor Hennel Attorneys have been busy. “We focus on a lot of corporate-related practice areas, but IP is our main focus and driver,” says Ildiko Komor Hennel, Managing Partner. “We have more than 20 years’ experience in IP, handling different aspects of the practice area, and we have a good grasp of how to keep levels high even during these times.” 

And things are going well. “The three most important drivers behind this IP uptick have been general IP advisory matters, IP rights registration (mainly national-, EU- and international trademarks and designs), and IP-related court proceedings and dispute resolution.” Komor Hennel says that the broad scope of intellectual property matters which the firm handles allows them to adapt quickly to changing needs and demand.

“Sure, with Covid there have been changes when it comes to how we work, but in terms of volume, we’ve been doing pretty well,” Komor Hennel says. “It has been extremely interesting to see how businesses have reacted to the pandemic and sought to protect their capital and investments, especially when it comes to establishing new business ventures."

According to Komor Hennel, failing to perform proper IP due diligence before registering a business or brand name is a mistake many companies make. “This is where we come in and raise awareness of the need to seriously consider IP issues from the word go," she says. "If you have an IP right you can register, you should do precisely that and if your IP right cannot be registered, you should always look to document it and keep it confidential for as long as possible.”

Komor Hennel expects there to be an even stronger flow of IP-related work in the future. “I hope and believe there will be a strong uptrend in IP work as businesses start living the post-Covid future,” she says. “Business growth of any kind means you have to think about your IP.” Komor Hennel highlights the strong synergy that can be achieved between the increasing digitalization in all spheres of work and intellectual property law activities. “IP is both a unique value and the definitive tool for protecting innovations that drive growth for every business.”