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Cerha Hempel Advises Tennant on Acquisition of M&F Management and Financing

Cerha Hempel Advises Tennant on Acquisition of M&F Management and Financing

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Cerha Hempel has advised the US-based Tennant Company on its acquisition of M&F Management and Financing.

The Tennant Company, headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, designs, manufactures, and markets solutions for the cleaning products industry.

Austria-based M&F Management and Financing is the Tennant Company’s largest Central and Eastern Europe distributor.

According to the law firm, "the acquisition gives Tennant a knowledgeable and experienced sales force and an established direct channel into countries including Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, along with an expanded network in Austria, Switzerland, and Poland."

The Cerha Hempel team included Austria-based Partners Johannes Aehrenthal, Jakob Hartig, Christopher Peitsch, and Bernhard Kofler Senoner, Of Counsel Sergei Makarchuk, Senior Associate Zakar Stepanyan, and Associates Nikolaus Feldscher and Bogdan Capra; Hungary-based Partner Andrea Presser, Counsel Andras Kauten, Senior Associate Novak Tamas, and Associates Toth Stefania and Mate Baumgartner; Czech Republic-based Partner Petr Kalis, Senior Associate Jiri Prouza, Associate Michal Hofman, and Junior Associate Jochym Simek; and Slovakia-based Partner Jozef Bannert and Senior Associates Ivana Sedova, Andrej Bartakovic, Lucia Lalikova Tadlankova, and Dusan Hrnciar.

Cerha Hempel did not respond to our inquiry on the matter.

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