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In the realm of modern politics, where every move is meticulously calculated and every tactic scrutinized, the strategic employment of intellectual property (IP) has emerged as a potent tool for political parties. From catchy slogans to iconic logos, intellectual property has become integral to shaping public perception and garnering support during election seasons. However, the fine line between legitimate use and exploitation of IP often blurs, raising ethical and legal questions about the (ab)use of intellectual property by political entities.

ZMP at a Glance

Established in 1939 in Belgrade, Serbia, ZMP (Živko Mijatović & Partners) has become one of the most prominent IP law firms in Central and Eastern Europe. For more than 80 years, ZMP has been advising
and representing clients in the areas of intellectual property ranging from patent strategy and IP litigation to copyright, design, trademark, trade secrets, and unfair competition law. The firm also handles prosecution and enforcement matters, both for international and local clients.

In addition, ZMP is in a unique position to manage multi-jurisdictional anti-counterfeiting programs, which is one of the firm's strongest points. It handles these programs for some of the biggest brand owners in the world who are anxious to stop counterfeit products coming from Turkey, the Middle East, and China before they enter the EU.

Many of ZMP’s clients are leaders in their industries, such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, computer science, entertainment, telecommunications, food and beverages, fashion, etc. Clients benefit from the firm’s strategically focused approach to the creation and protection of their brands and content. It understands their concerns and offers tailor-made and cost-efficient solutions.

To provide comprehensive services to regional and international clients with business interests in multiple jurisdictions, the firm has grown to 15 offices throughout Southeastern Europe over time, with its HQ in Belgrade and its Client Service Office in Alicante, Spain, acting as hubs around which all other offices operate. The streamlined flow of information between offices is accomplished through cloud-based file sharing and a consolidated back office. Clients can receive tailor-made services consistently across all ZMP offices through only one point of contact if desired.

ZMP’s network covers the protection of European Trademarks (EUTM) and provides full IP services in 15 countries, namely: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, and Spain.

One point of contact, the flawless and constant level of service throughout all offices, in-depth knowledge of local and regional legal frameworks, markets, politics, and culture, and seasoned professionals with years of extensive experience are what make ZMP stand out.

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